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                                                 Glazing is found in nature, it’s everywhere. In your skin, in trees, in                                                 rocks, which at first appear opaque structures, but as you study them, not                                     completely. You are looking through and seeing different layers., and I find that                                     fascinating and something that I want to incorporate into my artwork.

To capture what I see in life and have it be expressed in a painting , I have to exaggerate, to hyperbolize, and that feeling is what I want in my paintings. The process of glazing allows me to get that feeling into my painting.

I am fascinated by the process of light bouncing through an object, through a layer and then bouncing off a lower layer and back up to the eye. Likewise, I create the same effect with light going through a top layer of paint suspended on top of a layer of  glaze, hitting the canvas, bouncing through and coming back out. This process takes ordinary oil paints and illuminates it in such away that it just can’t be replicated without the process of glazing.

My process includes starting out slowly and adding layers, to get the effect that I want. I really love the control.  I love being able to come back and work the effect again and again, and that’s where I get to become the creator. And that makes 

I can’t remember when I first found out about glazing. There is the technical description of glazing which is a technique involving the applying of a transparent layer of paint over another layer of opaque paint. The paint used to glaze must be modified by an oil medium to get the correct fluidity for brushing. But glazing is much more than a technical process.


Glazing and Becoming the Creator.

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